Supporting local communities

The PEP Network is committed to working with local communities via our members and volunteers to promote social and economic development

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Vineyard Church, St. Albans, 2018

A decade ago, Vineyard Church began to collect and share food and essential items in their local community. They had no idea then of the level of need existing in ‘affluent’ St Albans. Today, Vineyard Church have give food to an average of 80 individuals/families a week.

Vineyard Church regularly sends to people referred to them from places like CAB, Children’s Centre, Social Services, Police, Probation Services and St Albans Council. Changes to the UK’s benefit system over the past few years has impacted many people who have found themselves unable to afford the basic essentials. In 2018, as part of its Christmas CSR activities, PEP Network raised funds and donated food to several families in need.


Harrow Young Carers, 2019

Harrow Carers is an independent charity and voluntary organisation. they have been the lead carers support agency in Harrow since 1996.

Their mission has been to help the carers in the area, reduce the burden of care and increase the quality client life. It believes that it’s important to recognise the significant contribution young carers make to their family, friends and society.

The PEP Network in December 2019 raised funds to support 50 young carers as part of its CSR Christmas activities.

Young carers get involved in a range of activities including cooking, housework, physical care, home admin, budgeting and providing emotional support to parents.