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Ariel wilson
Jun 21, 2021
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Most students see dissertation as a threat – something to be scared of. But let me tell you this - A dissertation is a challenge and not a threat. Hence, Instead of finding an escape, why not face it head-on? Well, you can’t do that if you are worried, and all that’s on your mind is “What Happens If You Fail Your Dissertation?” or similar “what if” questions and doubts. To face it head-on, you have to get your thinking straight and get your focus right. You have the potential in you - all you have to do is; allow yourself to access it. Once you do that, you’ll knock the dissertation out of the park, and it’s just the start! You’ll face bigger challenges – far bigger than a dissertation - If you have the right attitude, the enormity of the obstacle is irrelevant, because you can rollover any obstacle while others are worried about avoiding it. For this to happen, you have to clear all the what-ifs off your mind. Only then can you be truly limitless! I personally failed my dissertation, the first time I had to write it and guess what – I didn’t let that break me. I learned and rose from that point – and now I am a professional dissertation writer. Yes, the very thing I failed at, is my bread and butter now – because instead of finding an escape from it, I decided to take it on.

Ariel wilson

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