Your Mind – Your Greatest Tool


Yes I know you are about to disagree with me. Just hold that thought for the next 5 minutes.. Have you every heard these words and think no it can’t be right?

“The only limitation that exists are the ones in your own mind”.

Yes, you certainly don’t think you limit yourself, do you? It is interesting how sometimes we often feel that the colour of our skin or our gender determines what we get or what our right is. A lot times as women, especially as black women living in the diaspora we allow our own limitations, the boundaries we have set for ourselves knowingly or unknowingly set us back.

I met a very intelligent young lady recently, we got into a debate and she asked me….. Does Money know the colour of your skin? Does it know if you are male or female. As you can guess, my response was a big NO, she obviously wasn’t entertaining a “but” after the No I said. She also reminded me that there are a lot of “Black Women” killing it and breaking grounds whilst creating their own wealth.

In conclusion, to encourage you as much as I need to encourage myself, we need to step away from all the noise, the societal assumptions. Step forward into a place where we begin to see things as though they were. Stretch your faith, affirm yourself and speak the things you want into reality.

Remember this!

You can go as far as you allow your mind let you.

The choice is yours… Do you let limitations set in? Or do you see yourself increase and expand into the things you want? Have a beautiful Friday and a lovely weekend.


Jo Maxwell

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