Women’s Health & Coping With Stress – Networking Event

The PEP Debut Dinner was held in Oct 2016 and themed “Bringing out the best in today’s woman”. It was a sold out event that boasted an evening of networking, business discussions, women supporting women with collaborations & partnerships birthed that evening amongst its guests.

The event was held to formally launch PEP Network to the world and create an awareness of its vision and mission. For this we had plenty servings of inspirational guest speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and over 100 women in attendance.

The dinner kicked off with our first speaker Bebe Clements, author of How To Go From Employee To Entrepreneur. She identified that despite the high population of Africans in the UK who are very knowledgeable, intrinsically entrepreneurial and highly educated when it came to our collective wealth we were not doing well. Sharing her personal journey, she challenged the audience to ask themselves if they were living their dreams. Sharing her personal journey, she reminded us that regardless of the hand that life has dealt you, you have the power to decide whether or not it defines you.

Our second speaker Dr. Marcelina Coker posed 3 key questions to the audience, “who is today’s woman”, “how can I be the best me” and “how can I bring out the best me”. It is important to know that the woman you were yesterday is not the same person that you are today. Whether you are single, a wife or a mother, you will have various seasons in your life and the today’s woman stands up and exudes the best that she can be in every season of her life.

There were opportunities that evening for business owners to pitch their businesses to the audience and raffle draws with multiples prizes to be won. The event was supported by exhibitors and sponsors whose company’s logo and associated trademarks graced event.

Here is what some of our guests had to say after the event:

The event made me realise how important it is for women to take time to do things for themselves, spend time with likeminded women and invest in their emotional wellbeing.

Well done guys. You have done incredibly well, and I can only say that the future is bright.

It was an event well put together and well executed. The speakers echoed one another. My take aways: See failure as an ingredient for success, enjoy the journey, follow your passion and START NOW!!

This event superseded my expectations!

We would like to again thank our wonderful speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and guests for helping make the PEP Debut Dinner very memorable. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you.


Ngozi Aligwekwe

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