What happens after October?

Written by Bolakale

October is a month where we celebrate some really good causes; these are: 1. Black history

2. Mental Health

3. Breast cancer awareness

4. International Day of the girl child

Designed by Prostooleh

In as much as these events fundamentally promote the importance of identifying with who we are and the challenges life could throw at us, please remember to celebrate yourself daily.

1) Life can be challenging but your being alive today is worth celebrating. So pay attention to your health (have you examined your breasts this month? No? Please do so today!)

2) Check in with your friends that have somewhat become very quiet and make sure they are fine. Ask direct questions and leave communication lines opened.

3) Are you OK? No, I don’t mean superficial, on the surface only OK. Not sure? Speak to someone today…before it gets harder to get support.

I hope as the year comes to an end you learn to celebrate yourself much more and celebrate each other even more.

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