Quitting Everyday

Written by: PEP Network Executive

The journey into being my own boss is probably one of the toughest decision I have had to make in my career. Most people like me love the idea of working for themselves, not have to answer to a boss, have time to do their own thing without seeking permission and all the fancy benefits of being own’s own boss.

These are true benefits of entrepreneurship although these benefits are not realized until you are running a large corporation with enough staff working for you.

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Since quitting is not an option so what do you then do?

  1. See the bigger picture. Paint yourself a picture of what you would like your future to be and see it every day

  2. Pay the price. The sacrifices you are making now is the price of success. Nothing good comes easy. It takes time and dedication and that is the price you are paying now

  3. Get help. This is very crucial for anyone starting up their business. We make the mistake of thinking we need to do everything ourselves. No, you need to outsource and get help where needed

  4. Be organized. Create a to-do list and get organized with your tasks. Yes there are never ending but unless you get some sort of plan in place, you will forever be overwhelmed by it

  5. Celebrate the small wins. You have to celebrate every single win no matter how small. Remember little drops make a mighty ocean!

  6. Take a break. Whilst I am yet to master this myself, I am told that taking a day off or time off where nothing business is discussed is very key to keeping sane

  7. Network, network, and network. One can never overemphasize the importance of networking and meeting with like-minded people. As a business owner, you need to network even more than when you were in a 9to5 job. Networking is how you build your business

  8. Nurture relationships – This is one of the most important things if you are ever thinking of starting and keeping your business. Every single one of your stakeholder is important to you. Nurture those relationships. Your customers are always right, your staff should feel empowered, your suppliers need to trust you. All these relationships are very key to the growth of your business

  9. Get knowledge. The world we are in is forever evolving and changing. As a business owner, you need to keep yourself abreast of changes in your industry. Keep seeking knowledge so you can react to the demands of the market

  10. Having one makes a difference between quitting or fighting through. Get one if you don’t have one already