Make A Difference Series – #1 –  Success Characteristics That Make A Difference

Written by Ngozi Aligwekwe

Years ago, I attended an event that hosted speakers, including Dr Jane Stevens, coach & partner at Hay Hill and Claire-Louise McSherry, founder of the McSherry Brown Recruitment Boutique.

The panel discussion was focused on answering the following questions: Are you owning your career? How can you drive your career? What are the distinguishing features of people who have successful careers? Here are some of the takeaways as next steps from the event. This has been written as a three-part series.

First, the following are some of the main characteristics of successful people:

  1. Successful people are self-aware

What does success mean to you? Do you understand who you are and are you clear on what motivates you? Are you fully aware of your strength and weaknesses? Do you know what you want and where you want to be? Do you realise what impact you have on those around you at every level? These are important questions for reflection.

  1.  Successful people are planners

They have a plan and set realistic but focused goals. They plan each day, week, month and year. They are not afraid to make difficult choices or take what some perceive to be risks but in reality, are actually part of a broader long-term plan.

  1. Successful people are all about accountability and self-motivation

They take responsibility for themselves and their careers and don’t wait for the tap on the shoulder. It is up to you to seek out every opportunity and communicate clearly what you want to do and where you want to be. They have an unrelenting persistence in driving their careers.

  1. Successful people are ambitious and hardworking

You need to create your own luck and be determined whilst constantly striving for improvement, continual learning and success. Learning is a continuous activity for successful people.

  1. Successful people will go above and be