Leadership starts with self

Written by Temi

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Leaders are people who want to see change and therefore drive change. Leadership is the ability to influence others through inspiration.

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3 key ingredients are Passion, Motivation and Vision.

There are 3 Leadership types and they are; A – Leading Self B – Leading Others C – Leading an Organisation

This article will focus on Leading Self and Leading Others.

Leading Self – This is knowing one’s limit, being able to influence yourself to achieve your objectives. In order to lead others, a leader has to first be able to lead or influence himself or herself. Self-leadership involves Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence, Self Management. Social Skills and Social Awareness.

Core areas in Leadership:

a) Emotional Management- A leader will have to manage emotions and should be able to interact with others.

b) Managing Decisions – This involves being able to manage decisions around finances, priorities, family, health, growth, generous with resources and time, self-evaluation, and having values intact.

Essentials of Leadership: a) Feedback – Leaders need to be open to feedback as it aids self-assessment and ensures that the leader is leading in the right path. Be open to criticism. a) Mentoring – Get someone to mentor you in your area of interest or weakness c) Self-development – Seminars, training and similar

Attributes of Self-leadership: a) Self-discipline – Showing self-control b) Self Security- Know your limit and encourage others to flourish in their area of gifting. c) Selflessness- A good leader deals with fairness and is unbiased

Leading others: This entails leading by example- First mastering the act of self-leadership.

Whilst leading others a leader will come across different personalities as follow: i) Obnoxious people- they just discourage you from inception. ii) Teachable people iii) Helpless people iv) The Emotionally damaged v) Reckless people vi) Superiors

A sound leader will realise that he/she is to serve these people, and will reach out to help or receive support based on areas of need and personalities as listed above. Everyone has something to add, a good leader will work with even the superiors to bring about change.

*****A leader will drive change by using the resources available.

Positive leaders are proactive and they tap into the power of vision to drive the vision.

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