Embracing the Vision

Written by Temi

Vision is a picture of the future that creates passion in people. It is a picture conceived on the inside and can be achieved on the outside.  Leaders have to be visionaries! They have to keep looking for the next steps all the time and have to believe in the vision, articulate and then create a process to actualise the vision through credibility, integrity, dedication, involvement and being intentional. The vision must be relatable.

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*****Vision must be communicated with clarity.

******For every vision the leader has to first believe in the course being run.

In embracing a vision, there are the: i) Early embracers- These make up 2%. ii) Excited embracers: These make up 18 %. iii) Middle embracers: These make up 60% iv) Late embracers: These make up 18% v) Never embracers: These make up 2%

A leader should concentrate on convincing the excited and early embracers. Communicate with clarity, conciseness and once these are convinced, they will work alongside the leader to convince the 60%, which is the key target for change to be visible and evident.

******Pay less attention to the ‘never embracers’

There is a part in this for us all. As we learn and think through, we must begin to picture ourselves in the personalities described.

We must understand the impact of every decision we make and the directions we follow.

We should seek to make informed decisions going forward, and become intentional in our approach to lead and be led.

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