Career Success Tips

Written by Temi

Successful career building does not happen by default. Success requires work, dedication and effort and below are 5 Top Tips to achieving a successful career

TIP 1. In getting wisdom. Get understanding. How? Through structured training, Seminars, Self-study, Reading (make time to read) and invest in yourself

TIP 2. Knowledge transfer – Training others is a proven way of adding to self. It also helps you assess your gaps in creating a better you.

TIP 3. Networking and Social skills — Very underestimated but key. Go out of your immediate cycles. Make new friends, new engagements, get enlightened and enlighten others.

TIP 4. Confidence – Sell yourself. Your form, your CV.  Your potential employer does not know you, they have not met you. So your CV must be written in such a way that you have an edge over others applying for the same job. Do you know your differentiating factors? Are you aware of your key selling point/s? if not, start by identifying these. If none, you have a project in your hands to build this out.

TIP 5. Know your limits and own your vulnerabilities – You need to master the act of leading self, self-awareness, once ticked, you are on your way to leading others and being a successful leader able to drive and deliver objectives.

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