Being Bold Pays Good Dividend

One of the many things I have come to realise about life is that you are the DRIVER of your life. Now allow me to explain this to you…

I had been with this organisation for almost 4 years, and suddenly my contract was terminated with little or no notice. To my surprise, and as someone who had been with the organisation for that long and has always pulled their weight (in all capacity/team), the least is that I expected 1 or 2 months notice!

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I was shocked and assumed it had to do with my performance although this was never highlighted. Alas, I wasn’t doing as good as I thought were the thoughts that flooded my mind. NO, i said to myself. I gave my absolute best and everyone saw it.

I was also an avid networker. I networked well enough within my workplace. One cannot work in an organisation and isolate oneself. You are not God. Move around, meet people and connect with important personals at work.

Why do you need to be bold? I took the step of faith and asked for meetings with the top senior managers at work. After speaking to senior managers to find out why the decision was made as to the abrupt termination of my contract, the truth became clearer. It was a big mix up somewhere. I summoned up the courage to have conversations with senior managers most people will rather not talk to (they were not your everyday chit chat “colleagues”). Everyone just seemed scared about talking to them about personal/work issues. You see, my back was against the wall and I knew I had nothing to lose speaking to anyone no matter how senior or junior they were. I was determined to take the bold step(s).

What did that *bold* move get me? It got me my job back. It allowed me to believe that anyone and everyone is approachable. I learnt that if you don’t ask, you never get. The truth is…. and I ask you… what is the worst thing you will be told when you ask? NO?!? Right?…

I suppose that won’t kill you but then you will have gained some experience from taking a bold step of faith to ASK.

I encourage you to be bold and ask for whatever it is that you desire or believe is your right. A.S.K…


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