Written by Folake Abiola James

I had the privilege of being able to attend the book tour of Michelle Obama, an event I was glad I was able to make as I almost didn’t due to other commitments.

Going to Listen to a Strong Black Woman speak in a crowd of 15,000 people (mostly women) was a sight I never expected to experience. To say the 1.5hours of her talking was phenomenal is an understatement. I was glad I made the effort and paid a ridiculous amount of money to get a fabulous seat. I called it an investment in ME because I am worth it. Going with another strong black woman, we talked all the way back about what we could also do to become better versions of ourselves. Our energy was renewed at the end of the event.

She covered several topics from her book and outside her book. From being a better person to raising kids, to how you treat other people, to dealing with negativity. If I were to write about the evening, I would probably write a book. So, I will just drop the words that resonated with me.

On dealing with negativity, she said: “When they go low, we go high. Lead by example with hope, never fear.”

On speaking to people and dealing with kids, she said: “Negative words have a lasting impact. We have to understand, as adults, we have the power to lift up kids or crush them.”

On everyday people making changes in the world, she said: ” A lot of people think change can only happen on the big stage. There is no one who has a monopoly on kindness and truth. We have an obligation not to lose faith in the possibility of being better. We have to do it for our kids. They deserve a world that is full of hope.”

On Hope, she said: “Hope is a medicine and fear is a drug’’.

What did I learn from this lady who against all odds grew up to become the 1st Lady of the United States of America? I learnt that to get to where we want to, we must *BE INTENTIONAL* in all we do. Be intentional when you raise your kids, plant the seeds of value and self-worth in them. When we speak to people, be intentional with our words because words can have a lasting impact, both negative and positive. In achieving your purpose, be intentional about taking control of your image and voice else someone else would.

 Be Intentional about the choices you make

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