Back to School – Joys and Pains

I wonder sometimes if the joy and excitement that overwhelms us just before the children go on holiday for 8 weeks in the summer is totally equivalent to the eagerness with which we painfully await that day in September when we get to wave good bye at the school gates.

This summer was not different…the idea of being able to lie in bed slightly later in the mornings and not worry about getting the pick up time wrong from after school club was all I could think of as my daughter started her summer holidays slightly ahead of others. In addition, I was saying good bye to lunch! My little man was done with nursery and was going to be starting “big school”. Surely it was going to be a summer to remember.

Well it was! A summer where the fridge was never full enough and the contents of the snack cupboard was not particularly suited for my little ones. My children are amazing, loving children but I guess even in the place of love you still want some space from one another. Seeing they were not getting any space from one another, my mobile phone didn’t stop ringing even whilst I was at work. They had their heart on only one referee. It got to a point that due to the frequency of calls, I started every conversation with questions. My hello once I picked up the phone was followed by “is it an emergency? Is anyone bleeding?” 9 out of 10 times the response was a meek “no mummy” calmly followed by “then it can wait. Let’s talk when I get home.”

I couldn’t wait for my daughter to go back to school and my little man to start school. That’s freedom right? Well NO!! It’s the middle of September, the kids have been back to school for just under 2 weeks and the homework and the rush from one school to another is keeping me very fit.

The very reason I couldn’t wait for the summer holidays where I could lie in bed for as long as I wanted and not worry about homework is back so I dont get the phone calls during the day or the cry to restock the fridge.

Whilst one seems better than the other, (please don’t ask me which one because I don’t know but tell me yours in the comment section). I’m glad my kids are back at school and most important they are happy to be back.

As the kids settle back into school remember to take time out for yourself to feel yourself breath! Wishing all our children a successful, fulfilled school year.

Written by

Bolakale Omidiji

#Backtoschool #parenting #WorkingMum

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