A Life Well Lived – Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Kyrzayda Rodriguez @Kyrzayda was a fashionista extraordinaire not just because of her love for fashion but also for her tenacity for life and continued love for fashion despite the hand that life dealt her.

Kyrzayda aged 40 died on 9th September 2018 following a diagnosis of stage 4 stomach cancer a year ago. The world of fashion and fashion blogging is focused on having great hair, great legs, great skin and looking sexy in any outfit but in her last year on this earth, Kyrzayda defied all that and showed that fashion is much more than the aforementioned things.

Despite knowing that she had only a few months to live, she was unapologetic and undeterred to continued to follow her passion. What is your excuse???

As she continued to style and showcase fashion to the world, I for one and I am sure most people too stopped looking at her through the lens of fashion which is being sexy, great legs, great skin, et al instead I got to see the true spirit of a fashion blogger wearing those clothes.

I mentioned earlier that she died aged 40. I turned 40 on the 17th of August 2018 while she turned 40 the following day on the 18th of August 2018 and 3weeks later she was dead. Prior to my turning 40, I was in a very reflective mood as I walked through the corridors of life aged 39 and more so after I turned 40 so for me, her gusto for a well lived life is a kick to my preverbal nuts.

Go” ,“Do It”, “Don’t wait for another day, time or hour”, “Go and do it now”.

Question! How many of us if we were to die today can say that we lived out our passion and showcased it to the world? On her death bed Kyrzayda encouraged her followers and non-followers alike to: “Go” ,“Do It”, “Don’t wait for another day, time or hour”, “Go and do it now”.

Ladies take step back and ponder on what your “It” is. Is there an “It” in your life that you are already passionately showcasing to the world? If so, well done to you. Is there an “It” in your life that you are currently nurturing in your womb or getting ready to birth? If so, well done to you too. Now, is there an “It” in your life that you are hiding from the world? If so let’s heed Kyrzayda’s parting words “Go” ,“Do It”, “Don’t wait for another day, time or hour”, “Go and do it now”.

Written by

Ngozi Aligwekwe – PEP Executive

#cancersurvivor #depression #healthyliving #cancer #KyrzaydaRodriguez

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