5 Things You Need To Know About Building Trust

Written By Eniola Adedapo

You might have started to reflect on 2019 and set goals and intentions for your career in 2020. One thing that isn’t talked about often that is key to being successful in your field is the value of building trust in the workplace or with your customers.

It is no secret that black women face major challenges of being trusted.  Studies have shown that Black women tend to have their judgment questioned within their area of expertise. “Black women, in particular, deal with a greater variety of microaggressions and are more likely than other women to have their judgment questioned in their area of expertise and be asked to provide additional evidence of their competence.”[1]

It’s no wonder that building trust in your competency is super important as a black woman and we will explore the ways you can achieve this.

  1. Be reliable. Sounds simple, but besides being competent, your colleagues need to trust that you will do what you have promised at the time you have promised it.

  2. Don’t be afraid to highlight your achievements. Most women from a BME background are raised to be humble and so won’t naturally speak up about achievements. Make your senior leaders and stakeholders see your contributions to projects or team successes. People tend to trust those who they believe to be capable of doing the work. You are capable, so get on their radar!

  3. What’s your personal brand? What are you known for? Having a personal brand is a fantastic way to build trust as people know what to expect when they engage with you.

  4. Be authentic. I know we all struggle with bringing our true selves to work and have to code switch to fit in from time to time, but you can be true to yourself whilst getting involved in the things your colleagues enjoy. Sometimes, the key here is working in organisations that have a strong BME agenda and if you find your company isn’t supporting this, consider looking elsewhere. For business owners, it’s about making sure your customers know who you are. As the saying goes, people buy from people. The more authentic you are, the more loyal your customer base will be.

  5. As a leader, take time to understand the learning styles of your team. If you are a leader that doesn’t trust your team. A clash of working styles can lead to distrust. For example, leaders who prefer detailed work managing colleagues who don’t can cause distrust. Taking the time to translate your expectations bearing in mind their style of working goes a long way.

If you have successfully built trust in your organisation or business, how have you done this? Share with us below!

Credit to Forbes.com

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